Mediacorp launches Bloomr.SG network to tie up with local content creators

Mediacorp has launched a new creator’s network, titled Bloomr.SG, in a bid to help local content creators in delivering more content. This comes as the company looks to embark on a new initiative to “nurture and empower” independent creators.

“These creators are digital natives who connect with their communities around interesting ideas, consumer and cultural trends, causes and movements,” the press statement read. The statement added that the move came about as brands are now increasingly turning to these creators to partake in the conversations generated. Brands are also looking to tap on a creator’s influence to connect with their target audiences.

Parminder Singh (pictured), chief commercial and digital officer, Mediacorp, explained that Mediacorp’s advertising partnerships will provide the creators monetisation strength.

"This is to free the creators up to do what they do best – which is being creative. At the same time brands will also be able to benefit from their contemporary and innovative approach to storytelling for compelling brand narratives," Singh said.

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The new network aims to offer creators a conducive ideation environment, mentorship and extensive network, which includes Mediacorp’s original IP and digital resources. This is to give creators the platform and resources to create innovative formats in content and brand storytelling, build their own communities and sustain their passion for content creation. 10 creators have signed up with the network so far, specialising in genres such as vlogs, gaming, comedy, animation, DIY, beauty and talk shows.

Meanwhile, VizPro International, Mediacorp’s events arm for live entertainment, has also engaged four creators to produce social media content for the upcoming The Addams Family musical in November.  According to Mediacorp, the creators collectively reach over 850,000 subscribers and have generated over 160 million video views on YouTube. It is also currently on the lookout for more creators to join its stable.

Marketing has reached out to Mediacorp for additional comment.