Mediacorp employees takes over its Twitter account to humanise the brand

 Many brands find it hard to connect with the younger consumers today, who are often time-starved and ad spammed. As  such, they often turn to social media influencers to help bridge this gap.

But what if, you didn't have to dish out thousands, and could use your own brand influencers to create a closer bond with consumers? Well, in 2012, before the craze of influencers really took off, the government of Sweden decided to hand its Twitter account to locals as part of its Visit Sweden project. Its people became its ambassadors!

Fast forward to today, Mediacorp has taken a similar step. The media giant has handed its Twitter account to its employees to humanise the brand and offer followers a behind-the-scenes look into a company. Lets take a look at  how this was executed.

This post was done in conjunction with Mediacorp.


Mediacorp has a strong legacy and a well-known name. The challenge it encounters is engaging younger consumers. As it becomes a media company for the digital age, it is striving to keep the brand relevant to audiences, customers and talent who have ever-increasing choices.


#RotationCuration is the concept of rotating employees on a broad-scoped social media account. The concept is prominent on Twitter and has ported to Instagram. In 2011, Sweden was the first country in the world to hand over its official Twitter account to its citizens.


To add a personal touch to a corporate Twitter account to increase engagement levels and interaction with followers and provide an insight into the lives of the employees and the working environment of Mediacorp.


Every week, an employee, sometimes an entire team, takes over Mediacorp’s corporate Twitter account, sharing their very own stories and work journeys, including behind-the-scenes action and special events to daily moments and even personal interests. Mediacorp’s employees represent a diversity of skills, expertise, perspectives and experiences. Their stories reveal a Mediacorp that is constantly changing and moving into the new.


This July marks a year since the company launched its Mediacorp Twitter employee curation initiative. Average monthly impressions of the account’s content increased by 350% as a result of the initiative. The boost in social media visibility is reshaping the perception of Mediacorp, especially among its younger consumers. Through Twitter, employees reach consumers in real-time and engage in dialogue with ease and authenticity about content related to Mediacorp. Followers engage more positively when a Twitter account is “humanised” via curation.

“The initiative has helped us increase social media literacy in our workforce. Colleagues have started publicly sharing their own stories and the company’s brand stories on a regular basis. This will impact the organisation’s digital profile significantly in the long run,” Marco Sparmberg, lead of audience development at Mediacorp, said.

Karen Yew, head of brand and communications added, “After 52 weeks, we have a collage of Mediacorp emerge through this initiative, created by regular employees. We hope it offers people a different narrative of Mediacorp.”