MediaCorp further monetises Toggle

Media broadcaster, MediaCorp has partnered up with video global sell-side ad management platform Videoplaza to monetise its Toggle over-the-top (OTT) service across multiple platforms and devices.

According to a spokesperson from MediaCorp this would allow advertisers who have already come on board an extra avenue “to reach the non-traditional customers”.

The platform also has advertisers mainly from the electronics, gadget and telco industries.

The partnership with Videoplaza is currently ongoing and there has been no time frame slated.

Videoplaza’s ad management technology Karbon will be used to strengthen MediaCorp’s Toggle OTT offering by enabling seamless monetisation of its content available across the web, on iOS and Android mobile devices, and in future across connected TVs.

Karbon will enable MediaCorp to sell one audience across multiple devices or sell per device, to simplify the ad operations workflow and will provide a future-proof advertising strategy to accommodate new platforms and devices as they emerge. This will be done in hopes to provide an end-to-end ad management platform for IP-delivered video.

With two thirds of the users viewing the content via mobile devices, having a clear multi-device monetisation strategy is critical.

Seow Yoke Kong, vice president, technology services of MediaCorp, said in order to strengthen its OTT offering and monetise its audience on devices, it needed an ad management system capable of monetising across all current and future digital platforms.

"This would help add more mileage to their advertising spend and new bundled package deals would be offered to potential advertisers. This would also help advertisers to reach out to online customer who are generally a younger demographic who are tech savvy."

“Videoplaza’s technology makes an attractive proposition which will enable us to future proof our ad strategy to accommodate new devices when they come to market,” Seow added.

Toggle’s OTT service offers catch-up service and premium video contents to viewers online on smart phones, tablets and smart TV.