Media Prima to market new game via proprietary platforms, aims to hit 1m downloads

Media Prima Labs and Streamline Games have partnered to launch Nightstream, a game featuring multiple playable characters, each with their own personalities, motivations, and musical themes. Nightstream is a new take on the endless runner game, according to the press statement, and features an original comic book style sci-fi story.

In a statement to A+M, Media Prima's spokesperson said the partnership leverages on the expertise of both companies, with Media Prima Labs focusing on marketing and Streamline games focusing on game development. It believes the arrangement would be beneficial to the product as both parties are able to ride on each other's strengths.

Promotions for the new game will be done via Media Prima's own platforms - TV, print and radio - the spokesperson said, adding that Nightstream is also in line with its goal of becoming a digital-first organisation. Having garnered approximately 6,000 downloads to date for Nightstream and based on the positive response it received for previous mobile games such as Ejen Ali: Emergency and Mak Cun’s Adventure, Media Prima aims to reach one million downloads for its new game.

Nightstream comprises a team of runners, also known as resistance forces who are determined to fight against the evil forces of the Metronite Corporation, who want to seize control of Nightstream, a mysterious data stream. Players are able to unlock new character skins and boards, allowing them to customise their characters in the game.

CEO of Media Prima Digital Rafiq Razali said, "With Streamline Games focusing on the game development front, we can utilise our strength as the largest integrated media company in Malaysia to promote Nightstream to the mass market and replicate the success of our other titles, such as Ejen Ali and Mak Cun’s Adventure."

Izzal Amaani, associate producer of Nightstream, added that the company has put "a lot of love and care" into the mechanics of the game. "It wasn’t easy nailing down some of the mechanics, especially the responsiveness of the controls and the powerup mechanics, but our internal gamer wouldn’t allow for anything other than perfection," he added.