Media Prima launches fourth radio station

Media Prima Radio Network (MPRN) has launched its newest radio station, Kool FM which will be broadcasted via 101.3FM within the Klang Valley and 90.2FM in Penang. The latest addition brings the total number of stations under MPRN to four.

The station targets the "lucrative" 25 to 44 year old Malay segment and offers both local and foreign hit songs from the 80s, 90s as well the latest hits. Programmes which will be featured prominently on Kool FM include those focusing on lifestyles based on the profession and social status of listeners.

Currently the station has already bagged business partnerships with brands such as Coca-Cola and Panasonic.


"The targeted demographic is observed to be active in social media, and Kool FM, together with other radio stations under the MPRN, will maximise its use to attract more listeners. Kool FM’s radio application will also be introduced on 3 March 2016, where listeners will be able to listen to the station at anytime and anywhere," read the statement.

The launch of Kool FM is expected to strengthen MPRN’s position in the highly competitive local radio broadcasting industry. All existing MPRN radio stations target the Gen Y demographics beginning with Fly FM fulfilling the urban English-speaking market in 2005, as well as Hot FM and One FM, launched in 2006 and 2009 respectively for the Malay and Chinese-speaking markets.

MPRN’s chief executive officer, Seelan Paul said: “The launch of Kool FM is expected to complement our existing radio stations as it attracts a different target audience, whereas Hot FM, Fly FM and One FM are more targeted towards Gen Y market. With Kool FM, we are confident of exploring even more creative ideas and have several campaigns and synergistic collaboration between Hot FM and Kool FM in the pipeline, which we expect will bring positive impact to listeners and also to our business partners.”

In a related development, MPRN has partnered with the world’s largest music streaming service in the world, Spotify; its first exclusive radio partnership in Asia. Utilising Spotify’s insights on local and global listening habits and trends, this collaboration will provide a hub for MPRN’s popular radio stations that fans can follow on Spotify, while bringing new music lists, charts and special content to key radio shows, making programming more insightful and fan-driven than ever before.

“We will progressively explore and optimise potential from all existing media platforms, both traditional and digital, while continuously nurturing our talents and providing quality content. The immense following we have on social media demonstrated our success in reaching our audiences and we are confident of delivering superior product and services to our business partners,” Paul added.