Media OutReach expands service to the Greater Bay Area

Media OutReach has launched media distribution services in the Greater Bay Area. 

According to the company, they have recognized a strengthened need for a Greater Bay Area-specific media distribution service, which will not only help international businesses break into the market but will also help those already in the region to connect with other local markets and partners. The prominence of digital media in China can also help businesses strengthen their online presence through the new service.

"With this new product, we aim to provide a solution to advance the business expansion and communication across the Greater Bay Area," commented Jennifer Kok, founder and CEO of Media OutReach.

The Media OutReach Newswire's Greater Bay Area distribution goes to journalists in 11 core cities in the region and includes posting of press releases to nearly 300 online news sites. The guaranteed online news postings include a number of top media in China such as Sohu, Sina China, and Netease, to name a few. 

"Being the first newswire that owns our distribution network, we can quickly innovate to response to evolving market needs. Typically, clients can only choose to distribute to 'all China' media with any global newswire service. While at Media OutReach, we can offer targeted service," Kok said.