Médecins Sans Frontières' latest thematic ad campaign is 'one of its biggest in recent years'

There's no better way to acknowledge an important issue than to actually confront it.

Which is why Médecins Sans Frontières (無國界醫生)'s latest campaign takes the same approach in presenting the haunting imagery of wounded citiznes to ordinary citizens.

Similar to an optical illusion, the ad can be viewed from either the top or the bottom. The two wounded patient, which one is dressed as a soldier and the other as a civilian, convey the message that everyone deserves to get medical care, despite their background.

Covering tram shelters and MTR station billboards, the ads aim to demonstrate that the humanitarian organisation takes no sides when saving lives.

Médecins Sans Frontières' director of communications Martyn Broughton said it's the organisation's biggest thematic advertising campaign in recent years.

"We are trying to share MSF values with the Hong Kong public, saying that everyone deserves to have medical care no matter who they are, where they are from, what their religious or political beliefs are, or even which side they are fighting for. The concept from Ogilvy grasped that and added some sharp copywriting that will help us to gain support for the essentials of neutral and independent humanitarian action," Broughton explained.


Chief creative officer: Reed Collins
Creative director: Buji Ng, Helen Sham
Copywriter: Buji Ng, Kerwin Choy
Art director: Helen Sham, Huey Wong
Account service: Lisa Ip, Rachel Tsui
Producer: Jacqueline Ho
Project manager: Jennifer To
Photographer: Ringo Tang
Retoucher: Cream Studios