New measurement playbook still years away says Nielsen

"We are no closer, in fact we are further behind in measurement that we have ever been," says John Burbank, president of strategic initiatives at Nielsen.

While it might be an odd thing for a measurement company like Nielsen to admit, his comments echo what is an increasing frustration from client marketers who are calling for greater measurement, but struggling against media complexity and channel fragmentation.

"Every time we inch forward and get more information, the goal posts change," he says. We are constantly chasing a more complicated world."

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With the growth of digital, apps and consumer devices, it's making it even harder for marketers to understand consumer behavior.

"It's really tough," Burbank told Marketing on a recent trip to Hong Kong. "Marketers are having to make business decisions every single day and there isn't enough measurement, there isn't enough of a playbook for them to go on."

So what are the solutions? Burbank says in coming years it will be critical for retailers, media companies, agencies and measurement companies to lean in together and provide as much concrete data and insight as we possible can to help marketers make smarter decisions.