McMillan releases “10 Billionth Capsule” milestone video for Nutrition International

McMillan has launched a new video for the Canadian-based international non-profit agency, Nutrition International, who work to eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiencies in developing countries.

Intended for a global audience, the “10 Billionth Capsule” video marks a milestone for Nutrition International’s Vitamin A programme. The non-profit has sourced 75% of the world’s vitamin A resources in an effort to support developing countries whose children have Vitamin A deficiencies. With the 10 billionth capsule having been administered, this video was created to highlight the programme’s impact and generate additional awareness around the need.

The video is short and sweet in tone, making slight fun of the oft-mocked Canadian affectation to add the sound "eh" to the end of statements.


Nutrition International claims that most bottles of Vitamin A capsules in health centres worldwide are sourced through the Vitamin A programme. The programme has led to a reduction in the rate of child mortality by up to 24% and has shown to reduce child blindness by up to 70%. In 2016, Nutrition International donated enough vitamin A capsules through UNICEF to meet the needs of an estimated 174 million children in over 60 countries.


Creative Director Jacob Bryce

Writer  Ian Driscoll

Account Director Jamie Walters

Art Director Andree Delgado

Animation Director Jamie Muntean

Animation  Andrew Miller, Jamie Muntean, Wes Theoret

Sound Design  Marissa King

Producer Suzy Bradshaw

Strategist Laura Thompson