MCI spot encourages Singaporeans to take charge of their future

The Ministry of Communications and Information's (MCI) has launched a new campaign focusing on the main themes of innovation, internationalisation, partnership and skills. Titled, "Future Economy Campaign", the campaign is depicted through the stories of four Singaporean entrepreneurs.

In a statement to Marketing, MCI’s Tribal spokesperson said the Future Economy Campaign aims to assure the public that the government is well-prepared for coming economic changes, and Singapore will be a nation of possibilities. The campaign also aims to create awareness about the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE), which was created to review Singapore’s economic strategies and address the new challenges it faces.

Targeted at Singaporeans and local enterprises, the campaign will run on TV and online. MCI collaborated with Tribal Worldwide and Starcomm Media for the campaign.

The first video was launched on 27 June in English and Bahasa Melayu, and will run for two weeks. Subsequent videos will be launched consecutively in July and August, the spokesperson said. They feature success stories from Joel Leong, co-founder of Shopback, Veera Sekaran, founder of Greenology and Richard Eu, CEO of Eu Yan Sang.

The series hopes to drive home the message that Singaporeans can acquire and utilise “deep skills” and expand their knowledge of the markets by taking charge of their own learning and development.

The first of the video series features Dian Rasid, a former psychologist and lecturer who quit her job and became an entrepreneur in order to spend more time with her family.

Each video was filmed in one continuous take, with intensive levels of planning and rehearsing required before the shoot. The costumes were also specially designed so they can be easily worn and taken off

"There is no better way to feel inspired than to literally walk down the path of someone who has been through it all,” Jeff Cheong, president of Tribal Worldwide Asia, said.