LOOK McD’s makes over Hamburglar into hot dad

Remember the Hamburglar? Looks like McD’s is bringing him back – fitter than ever.

The fast food giant tweeted a teaser campaign featuring the fit new version of Hamburglar with the caption: “Is that who we think it is??!” The new revamped Hamburglar is a far cry from the chubby man-child some of us are familiar with.

He now looks like a hot dad.

Here are some of the comments from the Internet world:

In a statement given to Mashable, McD’s said that the character has evolved in the past few years and his last debut was nearly 13 years. Hamburglar’s debut comes in the midst of newly appointed McDonald’s president and CEO Steve Easterbrook announcing plans to “return excitement to the brand” and restructure McDonald’s worldwide business and financial updates.

Easterbrook said the immediate priority for the business is restoring growth under a new organisational structure and provide greater focus on the customer.

“As we turn around our business, we will look to create more excitement around the brand and ensure that we build on our rich heritage of positively impacting the communities we serve,” he added.

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