McDonald's SG ties Ramadan ad with upcoming Mother's Day

McDonald's Singapore has unveiled this year's Ramadan ad, revolving around the theme of "superhero" mothers.

Titled, "My Ibu, My Hero", the campaign aims to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan - a time of appreciation, thankfulness and bonding. Tying the ad with the upcoming Mother's Day occasion, the spot looks to recognise "superhero" mothers who during this Ramadan season, take the "extra effort" to prepare and provide for their families.

The YouTube video chronicles a mother returning home from work and preparing the pre-dawn meal for her children. The mother shows tiredness from work and accidentally cutting herself from rushing through the meal preparations. Her kid sees this from young and once he is grown, delivers McDonald's for the family to dine while the mother can take rest from tirelessly serving her children for years.

In a statement to Marketing, a McDonald's spokesperson said the campaign includes digital media, television spots on Suria and Cable TV, radio channel Warna 94.2FM, as well as outdoor media buys. The ad will be running until 4 June and the agencies behind the commercial are DDB and OMD.

This comes days after McDonald's revealed the re-launch of its Nasi Lemak burger. Through a campaign called “Don’t Miss Out Again”, the spot debuts Joseph Schooling and several other individuals who did not manage to try the Nasi Lemak Burger the previous time.