McDonald’s MY roasts KFC’s latest ghost pepper menu offering

McDonald’s Malaysia is roasting KFC’s latest Ghost Pepper Zinger and Twister menu offering, seizing the opportunity to promote its Spicy Chicken McDeluxe lunch meal.

In a recent Facebook post, the fast food chain said, “Ghost Pepper? Pfft…nothing ghostly about this”, asserting that its Spicy Chicken McDeluxe meal is the true king of spice. The post also added “Enjoy REAL SPICY today!”

In a statement to A+M, marketing director Eugene Lee said that its social listening team at Zanroo picked up multiple comments on KFC’s Ghost Pepper Burger, commenting that it was not spicy. The comments added that if Malaysians wanted a spicy burger, the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe was the go-to.

“So, we used this info and came up with a cheeky ad to have some fun with what customers were already saying,” Lee said. Digital agency IDOTYOU was involved in the development of the Facebook post.

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