McDonald's MY jumps on Pokémon hype with new Happy Meal set

Pokémon fever has taken over Malaysia as McDonald's Malaysia looks to launch a Pokémon Happy Meal set, featuring characters such as Pikachu, Psyduck, Squirtle and Meowth.

The Happy Meal will run for four weeks, with two toys being launched each week. In a statement to A+M, Eugene Lee, McDonald's Malaysia's marketing director said Pokémon is an "evergreen property" and has consistently been a big hit in Malaysia. He added that it's something which adults and children both enjoy.

"We’re extremely excited to offer the Pokémon Happy Meal toys and project that we will sell almost three times the amount of Happy Meals we usually do with this property," Lee said. The toys will be promoted via McDonald's digital channels and Lee said it is "geared up for a massive line at all McDonald's outlets" when the product launches.

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Gotta catch em’ all! Everyone’s favorite Pokémon is heading to McDonald’s! Stay tuned! #mcdonaldsmalaysia #happymeal #pokemon

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Meanwhile, Resorts World Genting also announced that it is launching a Pokémon festival beginning 1 December this year which will run until Chinese New Year in 2019. Fans can catch 32 first-generation Pokémon figurines at SkyAvenue, as well as snap pictures with the tallest Pokémon-themed Christmas tree worldwide. There will also be a Pikachu parade featuring a six-metre inflatable Pikachu in Genting.

(Photo courtesy: Pokemon's Facebook)