McDonald’s Malaysia marvels netizens with Infinity War-related McNuggets post

Netizens are lovin’ it! McDonald’s Malaysia has once again shown its creativity, jumping on the hype surrounding the new Avengers: Infinity War movie to promote its six-piece chicken McNuggets.

In a recent Facebook post, which garnered over 9.1k reactions, 7,272 shares and 2.7k comments at the time of writing, McDonald’s wrote, “Wonder what all the fuss was about. All [six] of them were actually with us.”

“Enjoy 6pc Chicken McNuggets today at your favourite McDonald’s! P.s. We promise the big purple dude won’t be there,” it added. The Facebook post was in reference to the hullabaloo surrounding the race to stop Thanos – the purple dude in this case – from collecting all six infinity stones in the movie.

In a statement to A+M, marketing director Eugene Lee credited Leo Burnett Malaysia for being the brains behind the viral post, adding that McDonald’s Malaysia is “very open” to such creative posts. He is also constantly encouraging its agency team members and even the marketing team at McDonald’s to think differently.

“In the current age of content, delighting customers is the number one priority. No one cares if you shout advertisements at them. But they will care if you made them laugh or cry,” Lee said. He added:

Customers will forget what you tell them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

As such, it does not matter if it is a Facebook post or TV commercial, Lee said his goal at every single consumer touch-point is to make them feel something. This post surely struck a chord with consumers for Lee said that McDonald’s witnessed a spike in nuggets sales after it was published.

Senior art director Jeff Ho and senior copywriter Jay Loh told A+M that they saw an opportunity to engage with consumers through something “fun and current” and they took the plunge. “Six Infinity Stones, six pieces of chicken McNuggets, it just clicked. Thankfully, our clients are great partners and very supportive of both big impactful ideas as well as simple small ones,” they added.

Which McNugget would you choose?

(GIF courtesty: GIPHY)

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