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McDonald’s Hong Kong to offer Nicholas Tse’s menu, finally

Nicholas Tse has been featuring in various cooking programmes. Last year, he worked with McDonald’s China to offer a signature menu and now, McDonald’s Hong Kong will soon offer Tse’s food according to different reports.

Last year, Tse made a special menu for McDonald’s China where he created a spicy chicken burger named after him. The burger contained teppanyaki-style chicken meat smothered in a combination of Sichuan spicy sauce and a Vietnamese chili paste, and sandwiched between two squid ink burger buns. Other items included special drinks and desserts, such as a coffee milk tea-flavoured sundae and a McFlurry mixed with Tse’s brand of cookies, tart lemon and pineapple pies, French fries with honey mustard and sea salt lemon soda.

Tse once admitted that he didn’t know the reason for the absence of his products in Hong Kong, according to HK01.

McDonald’s Hong Kong will offer Tse’s signature food in this Autumn. However, it is not known if the Hong Kong menu will be the same as that in China.

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