McDonald's Hong Kong features Eason Chan in latest TVC to promote revamped app

While loyalty programmes are conducive to attracting consumers' attention and luring them to spend, McDonald's Hong Kong has revamped its mobile app to offer special offers and rolled out a TVC starring Hong Kong singer Eason Chan. 

As part of a three-week campaign kicking off from 17 August onwards, the TVC showcases Chan, who first collaborated with McDonald's Hong Kong in 2003 for the brand's "i'm lovin' it" global launch, urging the audiences to take advantage of discounts in the app with any a minimum of hassle.

Apart from the 15-second TVC, McDonald's Hong Kong has also launched a video of funny outtakes which unveils amusing scenes during shooting.

“Our research has found that to Hong Kong consumers, value is not just about saving money," said Tina Chao, chief marketing and digital customer experience officer at McDonald’s Hong Kong.

“It's about an experience that is hassle-free and flexible, providing customers with as many choices as possible. With our revamped app, we successfully accomplished these objectives," she added.

The TVC and the video of funny outtakes is part of a promotional campaign which offers discounts through McDonald's Hong Kong's app. Every Monday during the campaign period, McDonald's Hong Kong will offer a total of 27 coupons with the function of in-app payment. Personalised and limited-time offers will be included in the future as well. 

Apart from the discounts, McDonald's Hong Kong hopes to bring Chan's smiles, positive attitude and marketability to audiences through this campaign as well. Chao explained, "Our city is going through tough times. By creating something easy, effortless and enjoyable for our customers, we hope this campaign puts smiles on their faces with ‘the best deals in town’.”

Agency: DDB Group Hong Kong
VP regional director, DDB Asia: Peter Rodenbeck
Chief executive officer: Andreas Krasser
Group business director: Maggie Cheung
Associate strategy director: Garron Chiu
Executive creative director: Frankie Fung
Creative team: Tony Cheung, Iker Lin, Shuwa Tong, Arca Liu & Jayden Wong
Account team: Jim Leung, Nickson Ng, Rimmy Tang & Gigi Hong
Head of TVP: Annie Tong
Media agency: OMD

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