McDonald’s HK sources Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee beans

McDonald’s Hong Kong has changed the menu of its subsidiary McCafé by offering only Rainforest Alliance-certified Arabica beans for its coffee. 

According to McDonald’s Hong Kong, these beans are grown and harvested based on strict standards to protect the environment and support communities in Ethiopia and other coffee growing regions in the world.

McDonald’s Hong Kong has launched the new commitment initially across all McCafé outlets, but is committed to having every McDonald’s restaurant using sustainable beans by Q4 2020. With 25 million cups of coffee being sold every year, McDonald’s Hong Kong wants to play a major role in protecting the environment. 

Hong Kong is not the first market to implement the use of these coffee beans, but this initiative will be a global roll-out ultimately. 

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation that works to solve environmental and social challenges by building economic opportunities and better working conditions for farmers, while ensuring the sustainability of their land and its wildlife. Its certification involves an annual audit with detailed environmental, social, and economic criteria.


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