McDonald's MY to install iconic 'Mekdi' signage at 16 outlets ahead of Merdeka Day

The votes are in and Malaysians have made themselves heard loud and clear. To commemorate Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day, McDonald's Malaysia will be installing a “Mekdi” signboard at 16 outlets, following a voting campaign which ran from 15 to 21 August. Last year, the brand picked its iconic Bukit Bintang restaurant to display the localised nickname and it wanted to pay tribute to more Malaysians across the country this year.

Melati Abdul Hai, VP and CMO of McDonald’s Malaysia, said previously that Malaysians have helped make McDonald’s Malaysia the recognised brand that it is today. As a gesture of appreciation for their continuous support, it decided to embrace the Mekdi name Malaysians have affectionately given the brand.

This time round, the brand received a million votes for its latest initiative. The Bukit Bintang store was once again top of the list this year, followed by the outlets in Putrajaya, Kota Bahru, Suria KLCC and Kuala Selangor. 

mcdonalds changes name to mekdi

"This latest effort is a reflection of what McDonald’s Malaysia has been doing all this while. McDonald’s Malaysia is a brand that embraces the very essence of being Malaysian, from our food, to our people, as well as the causes that the company champions. You can definitely expect our marketing strategies to continue showcasing that local flavour," Melati told A+M.

Also, as part of Merdeka month, McDonald's Malaysia has also spiced up its nasi lemak menu by including rendang ayam to the mix. It has also included McFlurry Cendol and Cendol ice cream to its dessert menu. Aside from celebrating Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day, McDonald's Malaysia also attempted to rally Malaysians to practice social distancing and stay at home in March through witty illustrations on Facebook. 

The fast food chain put aside differences and showcased competitors' hero products in those illustrations. One of the first illustration addressed the topic of social distancing and features A&W, Domino's Pizza, KFC and Burger King. Melati told A+M earlier this year that it plans to publish such posts daily for the rest of the MCO period until 31 March.