M&C Saatchi gears up for 60th Merdeka with book launch

It is quite unusual for an agency to conceptualise and produce a book on a political figure, but breaking away from the norm is M&C Saatchi Malaysia. The agency launched a book titled DIALOG: Thoughts on Tunku's Timeless Thinking ahead of Malaysians gearing for the 60th anniversary of Merdeka.

Lara Hussein, managing director of M&C Saatchi Malaysia told A+M exclusively, that the book which was launched on 24 May aims to create "something that would appeal and educate young people on the values of Malaysia's founding father."

In addition, she added that this would most likely bring positive image and branding to the agency. Hussein added one of the main reasons for the book is to give back and nurture Malaysia's multi-racial society.

"It is part of our contribution to the country and also part of our CSR initiative to give back and nurture communities. We have always been active in various CSR initiatives, and we have developed different programmes ranging from health to developing communities," she said.

"The book targets all Malaysians and the contents are made up of essays from different people from all walks of life. It is so rich in content and visually stimulating. That's why it is so different! There is no historical book like it because it is factual, yet creative and entertaining," she said.

For Hussein herself, the book is an eye opener and as she added:

It shows how we as an agency can leverage our creative skills to produce a book that is enriching and interesting. We should harness what we have and produce something we can be proud of.

In showcasing a wide cross-section of Malaysia’s unique diversity, the agency also invited art students from the One Academy to fill the pages with colourful illustrations. As such, it hopes to that the younger generation stays in touch with the vision and ideals of "Bapa Malaysia".

Organisations which also participated in the creation of the book include IDEAS (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs), Projek57 (a social enterprise dedicated to keeping Tunku’s values alive) and The Rojak Projek (who created a spice portrait of Tunku, made up of spices from all of Malaysia’s major races).