Mazarine acquires Buzz Agency to expand luxury lifestyle experience management business

Independent international communications group Mazarine Asia Pacific announced its acquisition of Hong Kong-based luxury public relations and influencers marketing firm Buzz Agency Ltd.

Mazarine has stated it aims to bolster the group’s public relations offerings and accelerate the group’s long-term growth strategy, after its acquisition of Occasions PR Group two years ago. All of Buzz’s employees that have been integrated into Mazarine’s office in Hong Kong will begin to operate together with the group’s PR business under the “Occasions” brand. 

On the leadership front, Yvette Yung retired from her position as director of Occasions back in January 2019. Mazarine’s director and COO, Estella Niem, and Buzz founding partner, Jonathan Cheung, have joined the Occasions’ board as new directors, effective immediately. 

With headquarters in Paris, offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, and New York, the Mazarine group’s service offerings include events creative concept and production, MICE and corporate events marketing, brand consultancy, sponsorship marketing, digital marketing, advertising, and design. The company has said it sees the potential of millennial consumers and Chinese outbound tourists, who have become the world’s top spenders. 

Michelle Cheng, CEO of Mazarine Asia Pacific and Occasions, commented, “Adding Buzz’s team of young and energetic talents and their novel perspectives in millennials and influencers marketing will consolidate our resources to realise our shared vision in delivering a new and unique form of consumer-driven PR that integrates both digital and non-digital tactics, and to rise above the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape in our industry in the future.”

After the acquisition of Buzz, Occasions will continue to utilise the strategic alliances of its vast portfolio of luxury brand clients and partners worldwide to curate and manage a comprehensive range of lifestyle experiences for its private discerning consumers and corporate clients. The company has gained a significant number of new clients and market share since the Occasions merger.

“The new definition of ‘luxury’ and ‘consumer behaviour’ call for the need to evolve rapidly and adopt a more future-forward culture and consumer-centric strategy in order to succeed and capture the benefits of tomorrow’s marketing opportunities,” said Pansy Ho, chairman of Mazarine and Occasions. 

“With the consolidation of Mazarine, Occasions and Buzz, and our official venture into the exclusive lifestyle experience curation business, we strive to reinforce our industry leadership position, and excel in redefining PR with our creative ideas and offerings.”  

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