Maxim’s MX rebrands tradition

Banking on its mantra, “Great Taste comes from Innovation”, the latest TVC has customers fantasising about a Hong Kong band rocking out at their table after getting a taste of the Chiu Chow goose – a delicacy of the cuisine.

The lyrics of the band’s song also play with the pun of the word "Chiu", which also mean trendy in Cantonese, along with other phrases from the dialect.

“Our challenge was to revamp a really traditional food with a younger image: the choice of the band was because we believe that it’s usually a bunch of friends who go have Chiu Chow food together,” said Matthew Cheng, group account director for Grey Group, the creative agency in charge.

The campaign will also appear outdoors and in print. Further QR code – related digital pushes with celebrity involvement will be launched in the upcoming week.

Maxim’s media agency is Starcom.