Mastercard's new spot is death by cuteness [VIDEO]

Mastercard has launched a new campaign for the Singapore market which implores parents to share priceless moments with their children.

Called “Mastercard Muah Muah”, the spot opens with the line “Time with your kids is never enough” and features young children who adorably share the activities they enjoy doing with their parents, from making salads, swimming and playing with hula hoops. It ends with the phrase “Time with your kids. Priceless.” with one of the children making the colloquial “Muah” sound associated with kissing.

Watch the new spot here:

Since its launch on Facebook on Monday, the video has already garnered 100,000 views and 293 Facebook reactions.

The credit giant recently reworked its brand identity to look “modernised and simplified”. It is an update to its iconic red and yellow logo and new look and feel for branded communications and experiences.