Maserati embroiled in Weibo spat

An angry owner of a Maserati Quattroporte in China has destroyed his $423,000 car at a Qingdao International Auto Show to protest poor dealership service.The car owner said his rights as a consumer has been violated and accused Maserati and its insurance company of "fraud" and "injustice".

Clearly a well-planned stunt, the man had informed journalists by phone, email, Weibo and even flyer about his plan to sledgehammer the car.

He also sets up a special Weibo account to post and repost pictures about the protest.

Furi Group, a distributor for Maserati in Qingdao, responded to the situation on Sina Weibo an hour after the incident, calling him an irrational customer.

"We see this as an irrational move and we feel sorry for the incident," the post said.

Furi Group claimed they had already apologised and offered compensations, but the owner "keeps asking for more" and said they are sorry he chooses to express his anger with "such an abnormal move".

A Furi told Marketing he was "obviously trying to damage our brand’s image”.