Mars Wrigley VP of marketing on young talent deserving more respect

Coming on board as a judge for Marketing‘s inaugural Marketing Talent Award is Nicole McMillan – an internationally renowned marketing executive, with almost two decades experience in driving the world’s most valuable brands in regional and global roles with a focus on consumer goods.

McMillan is a change agent and driver of growth strategies in complex and emerging markets with an innate dissatisfaction with the status quo in her DNA. She is a sought after and internationally renowned keynote speaker and is naturally drawn to transformation and progression in herself and those that she leads. She as spent the last 11 years in various senior roles in Mars, based in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Nicole’s current role is vice president marketing, Mars Wrigley AMEA.

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As a judge what do you hope to see in the submissions for Marketing Talent Awards from the rising stars?

I would like to see our rising stars demonstrating innovative approaches and fresh thinking. Being brave in challenging the status quo with innovative approaches will help them stand out from the pack.

Why do you think talent retention is such a problem in the marketing/advertising community?

People now have such a diverse range of choice of how they want to spend their time working.  In order to attract and retain talent, organisations regardless of size, must work on their value proposition to ensure they are aspirational to the best talent.

Young talent deserve more respect for the fresh perspective they bring.

There needs to be more of an emphasis on the value exchange between younger and more experienced talent.  Diversity in length of experience can be a real asset as evidenced by the benefits of reverse mentoring.

What about the veteran marketers? What will you be on the look out for?

Veteran marketers need to demonstrate how they create a culture of learning and curiosity in their teams. The best ones provide safe spaces for their teams to learn, test, fail, learn and try again.  Rewards don’t come from playing it safe.

Veteran marketers also play a role in giving back to the industry by staying relevant to the needs of the talent they want to attract.  It’s no different to understanding what our customers want, we need to understand what the needs of the talent are to ensure they find the industry attractive.

One important tip for our veteran marketers:

Listen to the rising talent, they have a wealth of different and valuable perspective to make you a better marketer.

What do you make of the awards?

On the surface awards are important because of the recognition aspect, it’s always great to acknowledge talent and hard work.  Equally important is to look beyond your own internal organisation for fresh thinking and to be inspired what your peers are achieving. A gift of participating in awards, either as a judge or a candidate is your window to the world outside your own reality.

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