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Marks & Spencer encourages consumers to focus on quality experiences

Marks & Spencer has launched a new campaign in Singapore to inspire and encourage consumers to seek out what is important by focusing on the quality experiences and people that matter.

Titled “Life. Spend it Well.”, the campaign was conceptualised by creative agency Valenstein & Fatt and produced by Riff Raff films. It will roll out progressively locally until the end of the month and will run on social, online and out-of-home (OOH) channels.

In a statement to Marketing, a spokesperson for Marks & Spencer said markets that the company operates in, including Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, will be running and localising the new brand campaign for their consumers.

According to the press release, the campaign’s launch “introduces an inspirational tone for the brand and focuses on attitude and empowerment”. It symbolises the company’s commitment to placing consumers at the centre of everything it does and includes a significant focus on customer experience.

Marks & Spencer’s spokesperson said it is the first time in a decade that the company has launched a new brand campaign. “Life. Spend it Well.” is also the first campaign created based on “deep customer insight”, with the company speaking to thousands of customers weekly.

In Marks & Spencer’s 60-second video ad, customers are taken on a journey from “cradle to graceful empowerment”, reminding each woman and all generations that they should live life to the fullest since it is short. Each scene features women of all ages celebrating the power of every day choices, urging viewers to have no regrets and not compare themselves to others.

According to the spokesperson, Marks & Spencer used an all-female cast in the TV ad as it wanted to show a single story from birth onwards as a statement about spending life well.

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Marks & Spencer’s executive director of customer, marketing & M& said: “Our ‘Life. Spend it Well’ campaign in Singapore is a radical departure from where we’ve been previously. It speaks to deep truths about our customers and celebrates their lives in a way which is new and innovative for the brand. To remain relevant and attract new customers, we need to get people thinking differently about Marks & Spencer and recapture our position as a pioneer in culture.

He added: “That’s why the energy, swagger and spirit of ‘Life. Spend it Well’ is so important – it’s about empowering our customers to say no to the ordinary, so you can say yes to the best.”

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