Marketplaces at D2 Place marks the opening of Japan Autumn Festival

Japan is making extra effort to capture Hong Kong people's attention in recent years and the annual Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong will soon take place again, featuring Japanese food, brands, workshops and exhibitions.

Named D2 Place x Aqua Plaza Japan Autumn Festival, the event marks the commencement of the festival and will showcase about 30 brands, most of them are new to Hong Kong, in D2 Place, featuring Japanese food, fashions, accessories, drinks and figures.

Marketplaces span across the plaza will offer more than 60 game, retail and F&B booths. Other than selling goods, the festival also brings Japanese culture to the city, including promotions of travelling to the Yamaguchi Prefecture, music and dance performance and a number of workshops.

In its third year in the city, the Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong aims to encourage Hong Kong people to get to know Japan and enjoy the attractions of the country. Last year's edition had no less than 138 events and attracted more than 430,000 visitors.