Marketing Excellence Awards judge Linda Hassan dishes out submission insights

Submitting for awards can be tricky as marketers and agencies will need to ensure their entries can stand out among the sea of companies and thoroughly impress the judging panel. If you are currently gearing up for A+M's upcoming Marketing Excellence Awards 2019, fret not, we have got you covered.

In addition to tips and tricks such as sticking to the word limit, reporting specific results and tailoring your submission to the specific category, A+M also spoke to our independent jury panel comprised of senior level marketers to share what they hope to see in this year's submissions and the type of work that stands out for them.

A well known figure in the marketing industry, Linda Hassan (pictured), senior vice president, marketing, Domino's Pizza Malaysia and Singapore shares with A+M how entrants can dazzle her with their submissions.

A+M: What do you hope to see in the submissions for Marketing Excellence Awards Malaysia 2019?

Linda: Today’s fast paced marketplace and the battle for consumer attention requires precise, hard-hitting ideas. The key defining factors for these include unexpected, innovative creative strategies and execution. I look forward to seeing these unique elements in the submissions for top agencies for the awards.

A+M: What do you feel is the biggest challenge marketers in Malaysia face today?

Linda: Much has changed but customers still expect better product quality with great experience, but the challenge is to deliver quality at lowest cost and deliver seamless great experience at every touch-point. In a competitive world where some businesses are more focused on gross merchandise volume versus profit, prices are significantly discounted that no amount of advertising can beat the impact of conversion driver versus awareness or consideration driver.

A+M: What type of work stands out to you as a marketer?

Linda: Data-driven solutions coupled with outstanding creative execution. Programmes that also drive the entire business indicators such as sales, profit and loyalty as compared to just marketing indicators such as impressions, reach and clicks also stand out to me.

A+M: What do you look out for when working with agencies?

Linda: Innovative solutions with creative ideas as well as flexibility and good synergy. These are important factors to ensure alignment with us as a brand as well as in supporting our vision and aspirations for our campaigns.

A+M: Where is the standard at for Malaysia's marketing industry? How else can the industry improve as a whole?

Linda: It has progressed by leaps and bounds and continues to evolve. There are still opportunities to grow and chances to take as brands push the envelope and experiment with new, fresh ideas.

With regards to areas of improvements, the industry can look at how marketing and advertising can take personalisation further and leverage on the individual user journey so it will not take over mass advertising. Talent development and enhancement along with coaching and sharing will also heighten the level of local industry marketing standards.

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