Marketers prefer advertising on the go

Spending on outdoor platforms in the first three quarters of 2008 has increased 6% with the bus body format recording the biggest growth at 25%.

Nielsen Media Index data shows that on average three quarters of Hongkongers travel by bus each week, prompting advertisers to invest in this space. Bus body ads are found to be the most visible, with 83% of local population saying they had seen a commercial on a bus body. Bus shelters capture some 78% of eyeballs with the MTR taking 73%.

Mobile advertising is also emerging as an influential medium for marketers. The Nielsen Media Index revealed that 97% of Hong Kong people aged between 12 and 64 years own at least one mobile phone. Almost half use the SMS feature and almost one-fifth use the MMS function, supporting the potential for advertising via the mobile platform.

The 2008 Nielsen Media Index also shows that consumption of internet, magazines and pay TV increased with TV topping the list for engaging consumers the most.

Helen Pemberton, executive director at Nielsen Media for The Nielsen Company Hong Kong said that overall media consumption recorded a steady increase over the year.

"Pay TV viewership increased due to the greater variety of programs available and lower subscription fees, while - not surprisingly - the internet is an increasingly popular medium," she said.