Manulife Hong Kong's innovative ad educates and comforts critical illness patients

Critical illness is a taboo among many people, given it’s typically associated with death. Manulife Hong Kong has launched a new video with a more compassionate approach to offer hope to its audience.

Rather than using common communication tactics such as a broken dream to evoke fear, sadness, and anxiety among customers, Manulife Hong Kong has taken a different tack to educate customers to help them be better prepared, which can increase their chance of survival should they fall ill.

In the video, starring by Hong Kong-based DJ Jan Lamb, Maunlife Hong Kong shows the stark reality where Lamb is waiting to hear his diagnosis at his doctor’s office, juxtaposed with scenes of the inside of his body where his heart, brain, and lungs are conversing and expressing their own fears and hopes.

“We hope the optimism we injected in the commercial changes the way that critical illness is felt and spoken about. It’s time to quit labelling it as a taboo subject," said Jeffry Gamble, chief creative office at dentsumcgarrybowen International.

Speaking of the campaign, Isabella Lau, chief customer officer at Manulife Hong Kong, commented, "Backed by our recent study of consumer needs, our new product is designed to provide well-rounded and continuous protection for customers. If customers plan it right, they could have a better chance to win the fight.”

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