LOOK Manulife haunts with the realities of retirement

Riding on a campaign launched in August, RetireSimple, Manulife’s new push continues to see itself as a crusader for retirement planning.

Built with the concept of “retirement may cost more than you think”, the TVC, micro-site and print ads challenge consumers with questions like “if you want to stay healthy after you retire, will exercising be enough?”/ “if you want a comfortable home when you retire, will paying off the mortgage be enough?”

The consumer is then confronted with price tags of items ranging from 25-years’ worth of swimming pool admittance and toilet paper to building maintenance fees and high-speed Internet.

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Manulife Hong Kong vice president and chief customer officer Isabella Lau said the RetireSimple campaign is to help Hong Kongers “realise the costs associated with retirement and what is needed in order to enjoy a comfortable retirement life”.

“Our new campaign aims to highlight the cost-realities of retirement, and it reassures consumers with customised retirement solutions offered by Manulife,” she said.

“Manulife is well-positioned to help consumers build their wealth, protect their wealth and plan for retirement income.”

Though Manulife couldn’t reply by the time of publication, its new-found image as a “retirement expert” is no surprise, given that Hong Kong’s largest population as of mid-2012 is nearing the legal retirement age of 60.

According to the latest report by the Census and Statistics Department, the 45 to 54 age range (1.2 million), followed by the 45 to 54 group (1.1m).

DDB is creative agency in charge of the campaign.