Mangham Gaxiola bags Marks & Spencer account

The Robinson Group of Stores has appointed Mangham Gaxiola to handle the Marks & Spencer brand. The agency is charged with developing the brand and sales advertising for Singapore. There was a pitch for the account and currently the  appointment is on going with no time frame slated.

The campaign will first hit Singapore this Thursday with print executions rolling out in The Straits Times. The campaign also runs online.

Donna Chua, general manager, Group Marketing Services said; ‘We selected Mangham Gaxiola because they gave us a new perspective on the M&S brand, and what makes it special.’

Stephen Mangham added, ‘Marks and Spencer is a gem of a brand, a true British icon. We want to remind people just how special it is.’

The agency declined to reveal the worth of the account.

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