Manager of MBFC and One Raffles Quay properties creates new brand identity

The Raffles Quay Asset Management (RQAM), which manages developments such as One Raffles Quay, Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) and retail leasing and mall management of Marina Bay Link Mall (MBLM), is taking an innovative approach to place branding and community engagement. It is expanding on the areas of career, personal, lifestyle and social.

Partnering design agency Sedgwick Richardson, the company came up with "By the Bay" as its place branding initiative to promote the development as a destination while engaging the community of visitors, tenants and retailers.

The commercial development aimed to push its By the Bay positioning with the launch of a mobile app as well as roadshows. The mobile app was created by local company Habitap. The target audience for the mobile app was the community profile of the precinct. This included a population of 25,000, with about 70% belonging to the financial services sector, 10% in businesses that service financial services tenants, while the remaining 20% was a mix of shipping, oil and gas, resources, logistics and others.

The app will include information on discounts from third party vendors, autopay and delivery of food, visual concierge and navigation, act as a portal for reporting faults, event and activity listings, as well as a mobile access to the building for tenants. Meanwhile, the five-day roadshow concluded last week, which engaged visitors, tenants and retailers with free giveaways for participants.

In a statement to Marketing, a Sedgwick Richardson spokesperson said there was not a cohesive brand identity to any of its existing assets, and the brand did not face the public as a community service place for consumers. The spokesperson said that to push the new branding and app to the target audience, it will be focusing on events primarily. These include monthly events such as fitness, medical, health screenings, as well as pop-ups with free giveaways.

Sedgwick Richardson was tasked to create a brand expression using colours such as charcoal grey for a less corporate feel. According to the spokesperson, the colour palette reflects the six-star luxury positioning of the asset portfolio  while communicating the range of activities, facilities and experiences that the development offers.

In addition, RQAM aims to generate commercial benefits, including the "stickiness" of the office community from the lower levels of staff to the C-Suites. With a refreshed brand identity, the development aims to gain stronger connectivity to the retail tenants and enhance its reputation in the market.