Man up with MaxMan.TV

Public relations agency GO Communications has been appointed by IZI Media to promote its new MaxMan.TV IPTV channel, effective immediately.

The agency was selected following a multi-agency pitch to represent the newest IPTV channel in Malaysia, which is also the only one in the country offering programmes targeted at the male demographic.

The two companies will work collaboratively to promote MaxMan.TV through media relations and build awareness and reputation through strategic campaigns, stunts and activities.

"IZI Media is quite visionary in bringing this channel to Malaysians. This is uncharted territory for a Malaysian company," said Peter De Kretser (pictured left), chief operating officer of GO Communications.

MaxMan.TV was conceived by Ahmad Izmir, chief executive officer for IZI Media, as a testosterone-fuelled channel, offering action-oriented shows from around the world, including movies, television series and sporting events.

A sampling of the shows already available on MaxMan.TV include LilyHammerTop Boy,Borgia, the Vanguard series, Ultimate Fighting Championship and WGC Ultimate Gamer, as well as shows from countries such as Ukraine. The channel is available on computers and tablets.

Many of the shows available on MaxMan.TV are being offered for the first time in Malaysia and in the case of certain other titles, for the first time in Southeast Asia.

"The idea of MaxMan.TV came about as a response to the plethora of programming targeted at women and families currently found on television," said Izmir.

"The average guy does enjoy masculine, action-orientated, wham-bam, in-your-face shows and as a result, he is left with very few choices, unless of course he also enjoys Glee andSex in the City. This is a niche that was just crying out to be filled and, well, here we are," he said.