Mall celebrates CNY with real snakes

There are three new exotic shoppers in Metro Plaza in Kwai Fong: they are the city’s one and only banana ball python; an ivory ball python; and a greater green snake, among other pet snakes.

The snakes were lent by their owners to go on display at the mall to promote the coming Year of the Snake, and, according to Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency promotions manager Jenny Chan, to aspire ladies to strive for the reptiles’ S-shaped silhouettes.

“Metro Plaza has always established itself as a mall for city women: every girl would want an S-shaped waist, so while we celebrate the coming of the New Year, it’s also an interest our target segment can share,” she said, adding that snakes are now considered the hip pet for to have for city-goers who have minimal time for animal care.

To spread the poisonous word, Metro Plaza has conducted a number of pushes on traditional forums and opted for a banner space on the Apple Daily News app that looks like a link to featured news.

Speaking on overall strategy for the mall, Chan said that she and her team have spent substantial time on the digital fronts, creating one-off spots like the Ladies’ Night event last October where female shoppers could get benefits and bonuses after finishing games on a mobile app.

“Social media marketing in the past few years have seen substantial growth for Metro Plaza; we strive to link the virtual platforms and the mall itself together,” she said.

Though she didn’t disclose what is up the her sleeve for the new year, Chan said that the mall is looking into pumping out more theme-based one-off mobile and online pushes.

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