Malaysia debuts new airline brand flymojo

A new Malaysian airline flymojo is set to start operations later this year. Operated by Fly Mojo Sdn Bhd, the new airline is targeting the travel market within ASEAN and the regions bordering it.

The airline will operate out of its primary hub at Johor Bahru, Johor and secondary hub at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It has already inked a US$1.47 billion deal with Canadian aircraft company Bombardier for new planes.

“As the only airline utilising the Southern Corridor as its headquarters, flymojo will transform Senai into a key regional aviation and logistics hub - augmenting the government’s initiatives in developing Iskandar Malaysia and the Southern Corridor. Further strengthening Kota Kinabalu’s standing as a gateway into Malaysia, flymojo will also boost tourism into Sabah and Sarawak,” said Malaysian deputy minister of transport, Aziz Kaprawi.

Meanwhile in a press statement, flymojo said the airline was “born out of the desire to make air travel a much-anticipated and enjoyable experience. flymojo aims to deliver value and exceptional service to our customers, and to put the human touch back into flying.”

Advertising + Marketing has reached out to flymojo on its plans to market the brand.

Dominic Twyford, country director of Landor Associates Malaysia said that the move is interesting as the airline seems to feel "that it will appeal as much to Singaporeans as Malaysians. “

“From a commercial perspective you have to trust that the company knows enough, and have done enough due diligence to be sure that the airline makes commercial sense,” said Twyford.

Referring to the quote made by the brand, Twyford explained that flymojo will have a difficult balancing act to now “deliver value through price but also deliver value through customer and brand experience.” He added that achieving this aim will differentiate the brand against other value competitors in the region.

"Considering the level of competition in the market this is going to be important. Perhaps the opportunity for the brand is to make small, incremental changes and improvements to the customer journey (from check in to disembarking and everything in between), identifying small changes that add up to a big change in an industry is how it can create new opportunities in the aviation sector.”