Malaysia Airlines' staff get new look

Malaysia Airlines Berhad is partnering up with fashion brand FARAH KHAN and its creative director Dato’ Seri Dr Farah Khan to re-energise the design aesthetic of the national carrier’s iconic kebaya and other uniforms.

Through the partnership, Dato’ Seri Farah will design a uniform collection for the full range of uniforms of Malaysia Airlines, which includes flight deck, cabin crew, airport, engineering and all other areas. Over the next few months, Dato’ Seri Farah will work with employees to better understand the specialised needs of the airline’s uniformed workforce, with the uniforms undergoing intensive wear testing to ensure both functionality and fit.

The new uniform project is part of the airline’s transformation as it rebuilds from the inside out and as it is focussed on providing the best customer experience, which includes new innovative products and services. The new collection is expected to be unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2016, going into production soon after.

Malaysia Airlines’ chief commercial officer Paul Simmons said, "Through its long and illustrious career as the national carrier, the Malaysia Airlines’ uniform, especially the kebaya, has served as an iconic symbol and a source of great pride for generations.  The uniform serves as a symbol of the diverse and unique Asian values for which we're known. With Dato’ Seri Farah’s talent and understanding of the fashion business, we look forward to taking this a step further, creating a fashionable and functional new collection, whilst remaining true to our roots which is Malaysian at the very heart.”

He added the new uniforms will mark the fresh new start of our transformation for all customers.

Dato’ Seri Farah herself: “We are moved by modern to yesteryear travels, from air aviation to steam travel, art, antiquities, design and architecture and we have dedicated entire collections to cities we admire. I am hugely excited about this partnership and the opportunity to make a positive impact in terms of the comprehensive look of cabin crew, ground staff and the rest of Team Malaysia Airlines.”

She added for the brand, a uniform is more than just apparel; it is a symbol of pride and honour that will transform its wearer.  The new design is said to present “graciousness, warmth and hospitality that Malaysia is famous for” and be functional in nature. It will be accompanied by hair and make up to complete the comprehensive visual presentation of the people behind the brand.

“At FARAH KHAN we share the same fundamental philosophy as Malaysia Airlines, that people, and the energy they bring, are the fundamental source of the success of any organisation: together we hope to inject new vigour into the individuals who will pilot Malaysia Airlines beyond its glory days,” she added.