Malaysia a 'natural extension' for MindChamps, says branding lead Michelle Peh

MindChamps PreSchool is expanding into Malaysia with Victoria Education as its master franchise in the country. The company aims to launch 20 MindChamps International PreSchool centres in Malaysia.

The planned flagship campus will be located in Kuala Lumpur and is expected to host 1,000 children while the campus in Johor Bahur will cater for 650 children. The campuses are being styled as a learning village, where classrooms are clustered in community groupings around common collaborative spaces, allowing children from different ages to interact and learn in a social setting.

In a statement to A+M, chief brand officer and group general manager, Michelle Peh, described Malaysia to be a "natural extension" for its centres in Singapore where it can truly leverage on the strength of its market leader position.

According to her, the preschool education market in Malaysia is "very segmented", especially so in the premium space, and this offers MindChamps a good opportunity to expand into the market and position itself as a market leader in Malaysia as well. Peh leads MindChamps' global marketing and branding and will work closely with Victoria Education for marketing initiatives.

The preschool uses different platforms to raise brand awareness, including digital, out-of-home and print. It also engages ambassadors such as Singaporean Paralympic gold medallist Yip Pin Xiu.

“At MindChamps, the culture and values of the leadership and its team are what drives the brand and what it stands for. As we are closest to what we stand for as a brand, MindChamps HQ takes the lead when it comes to concept development and positioning.  We then utitlise in-house expertise as well as agencies to carry out our marketing strategies and campaigns," she said.

Currently also in Australia, Dubai, the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar, Peh said MindChamps is looking to expand into China in November.

Meanwhile, Dato' Jeffrey Lai, CEO, Victoria Education said that in order for the next generation to compete globally, Malaysia needs an educational model that nurtures its children to be the cream of the crop both nationally and internationally.

"We were instinctively drawn towards MindChamps’ breakthrough preschool curriculum which has a proven track record of success in the competitive Singapore market," Lai said.