Malay Mail revamps website to 'actively evolve' and become digital-first

The Malay Mail Online has revamped its website to reflect a user friendly design with minimal load time, in a bid to enhance user experience.

In a statement to A+M, head of digital Nikkhil Taery said the publication has been "actively evolving" from traditional print media to a digital-first media. The website revamp is one of the many initiatives that will be rolled out under its "extensive" digital media transformation strategy.

"Keeping up with the demands of advertisers in the content arena, Malay Mail will be focusing further on monetised content development while further enhancing our current programmatic setup," Taery said. Taery added that the website has witnessed "rapid digital growth", achieve a record of more than 2.5 million unique visitors for the month of March 2018. As such, the company hopes to see even more growth with the new website.

When asked about the cost of the revamp, Taery said the company sees it as an investment rather than an expense, which it is certain would pay off in its audience building and revenue growth efforts.

Over the years, The Malay Mail Online has set up a new content team to grow its Chinese readership. The team will focus on Mandarin content relevant to Malaysians residing and working in Singapore. It will also carry news on sports and entertainment. The site first launched on 1 August 2016 and will mainly remain online for now.

In a conversation with A+M, Chan Foo Hong, executive director of the new section known as “M Zhong Wen Wang” said the main focus for the new section will be to grow audience numbers and Facebook followers. Including him, the lean team consists of four editorial staff.

“The ties between Singapore and Malaysians are deep and many of the local Chinese audiences reside and work in Singapore. As such, they are very much interested in the news from both Singapore and Malaysia. We look to cater to such audiences,” he said.

(RF: 123RF)