Make your business fly – Explora Consulting announces launch of Hummingbird Analytics Platform

With years of specialty in BI data analytics and digital transformation, Explora Consulting unveiled its first-ever data analytics platform – Hummingbird Analytics Platform – on 3 May 2019. The platform is powered by big data, machine learning and AI technologies, reaffirming the company’s vision of bringing innovations in technology to its clients.

The story behind Hummingbird

Why would an IT consulting company come up with its own data analytics solution?
Dora Tse, director of Explora Consulting, explained the inspiration behind it came from her clients.

“The major pain-point we see from working with them in the past four years is the limited insight and analysis they have with their data using very limited sets of dimensions,” she said.

“It takes weeks for business users to generate reports due to the complicated manual data preparation and cleansing work. Worse still, it’s hard to justify the discrepancy of reports prepared or maintained by different users from various departments.”
Intended to resolve all these BI pain-points business users are facing, Hummingbird Analytics Platform provides a quick-win and plug-n-play solution to help companies access their data and get actionable insights in a timely manner. But what makes Hummingbird different from other analytics tools?

“Hummingbird Analytics Platform is a secured, fast and adaptive solution which enables companies to leverage real-time insights,” Tse said. “It has a built-in repository with pre-defined data models to collect data from various source systems such as POS, ERP and CRM.”

“Built on top of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, our platform stores, validates and organises all data uploaded by clients to provide easy access to business users. Discrepancy in reports generated by different departments can also now be minimised as all the users are granted access to the same data source.” The Hummingbird Analytics Platform also comes with sets of pre-defined analytics reports and dashboards organised by business topics to help companies get started quickly. Users can customise these reports to their preference or create their own reports and dashboards. They can even query their data or ask their questions using natural English.

In addition, the platform has embraced machine learning and AI technologies, which enriches clients’ data understanding and brings more insights to companies.

“Our data model covers the needs of various industries such as retail, food and beverage and manufacturing, with more to come. The latest line-up showcases the demand forecasting analytics engines, and several other AI engines such as inventory optimisation, store replenishment, customer behaviour analysis, marketing campaign optimisation and workforce analytics, with more on the way.”

For a product demonstration and more information about Hummingbird, you can drop a message at or meet Explora’s team at booth 5B-130 at Retail Asia Conference & Expo during 7-10 May 2019.

About Explora Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience serving enterprises and SME companies on data management, BI analytics and retail solutions, Explora provides consultation to clients from different industries to drive substantial revenue growth.