Magners partners Anthem Worldwide to push range of ciders

Magners has partnered creative agency Anthem Worldwide Singapore to refresh its cider range across the APAC region. This will see the redesign and creation of a packaging label design system across different variants and sizes in a bid to ensure more consistency in branding.

This also includes secondary packaging designs, collateral and engaging in-store point-of-sale management touch points within retail environments. Some examples include a new flavour, Juicy Apple, said a press statement.

Anthem was responsible for the creative strategy of the campaign. They were also tasked with key visual generation, brand re-positioning and point-of-sale touch points, based on the value proposition of “real fruit, real cider”. The new product range is scheduled for rollout within Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The statement added that both teams conducted extensive immersion activities, category analysis and audit sessions within the target markets in APAC to gather insights for the campaign. It also garnered views on the cider consumption experience from a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, it considered cultural nuances and common drinking rituals in distribution markets to better define the brand experience.

“Understanding how APAC consumers connect within the respective markets is a crucial part of our discovery process when crafting a unique drinking experience. Together with the Anthem team in Singapore, we managed to unearth new insights into consumers’ self-expression journeys,” Andrew Herd, marketing manager, C&C International, said.