Lucky Me, Nescafe, and Surf: the most chosen brands in Philippines

Lucky Me continues to be the most chosen brand in the Philippines for the 3rd straight year.

 According to Brand Footprint, Kantar Worldpanel’s annual report and its ranking of most chosen brands across the world, Lucky Me managed to be chosen by shoppers on the shelves 812 million times. Number 1 brand, Lucky Me, has the most number of buying households, reaching 98% of Filipino homes. At the same, it is being purchased 36 times in a year. The brand is followed by Nescafe and Surf that are also the most chosen brands in beverage and home care, respectively.

 The Top 10 most chosen brands in Philippines also include Silver Swan (#4) and Palmolive (#5). Bear Brand gained presence in 87% of Filipino households and climbed 2 positions to become the 6th most chosen brand in the country. The rest of the Top 10 positions are secured this year by Great Taste, Milo, Kopiko, and Ajinomoto.

The Brand Footprint ranking measures how many times any FMCG brand is bought in the point of sale. It measures how many households bought each brand and how many times they did it within one year. The most chosen brands on the shelves globally and in any region or country make up the different rankings included in the report. In the Philippines, the study analyzed a total of 17 billion shopper decisions of 23 million Filipino households, covering 530 brands in 2017.

 Although many of the most chosen brands purchased by Filipinos are food and drink products, there are also health and beauty and homecare brands in the ranking. Palmolive, Creamsilk, and Safeguard are the three most chosen brands in the health and beauty sector whereas the Top 3 brands in home care are Surf, Downy, and Champion.

 Meanwhile, 20 local brands secured their spots in the Top 50 this year. Local brands take 28% of the top 50 spend vs. global brands that own 72% share. Leading the top local brands in the country are: Lucky Me, Silver Swan, Great Taste, Datu Puti, and Champion.

 The Brand Footprint ranking shows that most of the growing brands enlarged their shopper base. “Strategies aiming to get new consumers are consistently more successful than those ones aiming to increase loyalty and frequency of consumption,” Alex Duterrage, General Manager of Kantar Worldpanel Philippines said. “Brands wanting to grow have to prioritize finding new shoppers to buy the brand.”