Pernod Ricard: Why building loyalty is important

As competition in the alcohol industry picks up what is it that will set brands apart from their competitors? According to Pernod Ricard’s Asia vice president of marketing Glen Brasington, it is loyalty.

Brasington, also a keynote speaker at the upcoming Customer Loyalty 2013 Hong Kong conference, says the importance of loyalty has grown in tandem with the growing competition and noise in the marketplace.

“Consumers have access to a lot more information than they ever had before. In order to compete with all the other noise in the market, it is a necessity to sharpen the edges in terms of the ability to stand out and to engage with them,” he says.

As new technology helps deliver content to consumers without geographic limitation, Brasington believes a real-time two-way  communication with consumers is a must.

“Nearly every consumer carries a smartphone or has the capacity to take direct messages everywhere. It is a huge opportunity for marketers, and a huge opportunity for brands.”

The list of speakers for the first Customer Loyalty 2013 Hong Kong conference is now complete.

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The event is sponsored by IBM China/Hong Kong Limited, Microsoft Hong Kong, Radica Systems Ltd, Sitecore International, Verizon and Aspire Lifestyles.