Lowe Malaysia wecures Yogen Früz biz

Lowe Malaysia has landed a contract with Timeless Commitment for its frozen frozen yoghurt brand Yogen Früz, following a credentials presentation.

The agency will drive countrywide, through-the-line communications to establish brand presence in Malaysia and drive traffic to its retail outlets.

“We see similar / familiar synergies in this partnership that will take us to the next levels in the market. We are a new player in Malaysia, so there is no choice but to succeed,” said Nurbaya Hamzah, chief executive officer at Timeless Commitment.

“We hope that Lowe’s strength in combining creativity and effectiveness will help robustly grow this new brand in Malaysia,” said Mazuin Zin, managing director of Lowe Malaysia.

Established in Canada in 1986, Yogen Früz has over 1,300 outlets operating across 35 countries. New venture Timeless Commitment holds the master franchise for Yogen Früz across Malaysia and Brunei.

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