L'Oreal's Ultra Doux goes green with TerraCycle

L'Oreal's Ultra DOUX (淳萃) is making greener strides by reaching a partnership with recycling company TerraCycle to support sustainable development.

Ultra DOUX is a new natural hair care brand, affiliated to L'Oreal China's mass cosmetics department. It is China's first brand to provide a comprehensive solution for hair care packaging waste.

This strategic partnership began in the US in 2011 and was subsequently expanded to Australia as well as many countries in Western Europe.

By signing up for the hair care recycling programme in China, individuals or communities can collect hair care packaging and ship it to TerraCycle free of charge. All kinds of hair care waste that would otherwise end up in trash cans will now be recycled. Millions of pieces of waste are expected to be collected, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills or incinerators.

In addition to diverting packaging from landfills, the programme will empower consumers to help make a difference in their communities. For every unit of waste collected, Ultra DOUX contributes 1 RMB to the charity of the individual's choice.

"Working with TerraCycle, we can now take another important step towards reducing waste, not only for our products but for the entire hair care industry. This is just one part of Ultra DOUX's ongoing commitment to a cleaner, greener future," said Zhenzhen Lan, vice president of L'Oreal (China).

A TerraCycle partnership represents one part of Ultra DOUX's comprehensive sustainability efforts, which also include packaging improvements and science-driven innovation. Renewable, bio-derived plastics; cardboard packaging sourced from sustainably managed forests; and the use of more naturally-derived ingredients are all part of environmental target.

"It's impressive for a brand such as Ultra DOUX to take the global lead in protecting the environment through collection of their packaging," says Tom Szaky, TerraCycle global CEO. "Through the ambitious effort of having the Hair Care Recycling Program, we look forward to making an impact on reducing the amount of hair care packaging that is thrown away each year."