LOOK Topless Gu wins over female customers

Regal Hotels International is hoping to capture, if not extent, some of the considerable media attention surrounding male model Youming Gu ahead of the mooncake season.

The hotel has released a campaign featuring a semi-naked Gu chowing down on its mooncakes as part of a new promotion.

Developed by Havas Media, the campaign "He Posts" puts a heavy focus on online and social media encouraging users to vote for their favourite male models and write messages for the chance to have mooncakes delivered in person.

At an outdoor event in Mong Kok last Sunday, Gu made a pledge to deliver mooncakes to customers himself.

"As mooncake campaigns flood the market, we need something unique and fun for us to stand out from the crowd," said Jane Lam, assistant marketing manager of Regal Quality Foods at Regal Hotels International.

"We don't think featuring a topless model or tapping pseudo male models will bring a negative image to our brand. On the contrary, it helps stir even more conversations for the campaign."Jason Kwong, general manager of Havas Media Hong Kong, said the purpose of the campaign is to inject some energy and passion into the brand in order to reach out to the younger group. He said this would be the brand's image in a long run.

Lam added the campaign has a proven success with its fan base on Facebook doubling, along side a "significant" improvement in sale compared to last year.

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