LOOK Strip exposes its competitors' dirty little secrets

Strip has launched its latest campaign, Dirty Little Secrets Exposed on local OOH mediums.

The campaign aims to capture the attention of its target audience through a bold showcase of shavers on Clear Channel’s out of home medium. The objective of the campaign is to expose the other salons’ dirty little secrets of unhygienic hair removal practices.

A clear and concise message can be seen on this special installation, “At Strip, we use disposable razor cartridges and will never be caught reusing the electric one.”

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A bus shelter along the Orchard Road has been strategically handpicked for this creative execution as the Strip outlet is located within walking distance from this shelter. The campaign reaches out to its target audience of females aged between 21 and 40 years old, who frequent other salons.

The panel is half filled with 2,500 disposable razors, while the other half displays an electric shaver with hair remnants.

The campaign runs until 6 May 2015 on the Clear Channel platforms.