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UK activist group Brandalism has hijacked over 600 out-of-home advertising spaces in Paris to critique the sponsors of the UN COP21 climate talks.

The spoof ads were plastered around the city to coincide with COP21 which began on Monday 30 November. The ads were placed in advertising spaces owned by JC Decaux – one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising firms and an official sponsor to the COP21 conference.

Prominent corporate sponsors of the climate talks including AirFrance, Mobil, Volkswagen, GDF Suez (Engie) and Dow Chemicals were just some of the brands parodied in the posters. The spoof ads lambaste the corporate takeover of the UN summit to highlight the irony of the brands’ participation in the summit.

“By sponsoring the climate talks, major polluters such as Air France and GDF-Suez-Engie can promote themselves as part of the solution – when actually they are part of the problem, ” Joe Elan of Brandalism said.

The Brandalism project worked with Parisians to insert unauthorised artworks across the city that aim to expose the links between advertising, consumerism, fossil fuel dependency and climate change.

Here’s how they pulled off the stunt:

One of the deadpan ads targeting Air France reads: “Tackling climate change? Of course not. We’re an airline.”

When approached by Marketing, JC Decaux declined to comment on the matter.

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