LOOK Scoot shamelessly asks staff to share stories about their "first time"

Scoot has released a cheeky new spot which got employees from Scoot’s headquarters to share stories of their “first time”. This is to celebrate the launch of its virgin flights to Europe, starting with Athens.

The video hilariously hinges on innuendos and some subtle sexual references, with some of the replies ranging from “my first time was hot and sweaty”, “quick and fast” and even “I don’t have a lot of experience”.

It reveals at the end that the interviewees were referring to their first time in Europe and also it was now Scoot’s “first time” to launch long-haul flights to Europe and that Athens is its first destination.

Since the video’s launch yesterday on its Facebook page, it has garnered a total of 46,671 views, 285 reactions and 124 shares at the time of writing.

Scoot has been known for creating outrageous spots and marketing stunts. Earlier this year, during Valentine's Day Scoot along with its ad agency Publicis Singapore, teamed up to host a lucky couple for Singapore’s first in-flight wedding. The bride and groom exchanged vows on board Scoot flight TZ 8 on February 11.

Meanwhile former CEO of Scoot Campbell Wilson was also known to front many of the brand's campaign. In a video posted on its Facebook page, he famously pointed out the similarities of American airline Spirit’s logo and marketing collaterals, and how the latter has been copying its branding.

He said: “If you’re going to act like us, do it well. We’re going to send you a simple step by step kit so you can act like us. It’s so simple even the least creative guys could do it.”

Wilson has since exited the role.

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So, what were you thinking while watching this spot?