LOOK Property ad offers free wife upon purchase

Who doesn't like freebies with a purchase?

However, this one freebie might be taking the purchase process to a whole new level.

Going viral right on social media is an ad in Indonesia which advertised the sale of a house and just to sweeten the deal, buyers can also ask for the owner’s hand in marriage.

The ad is for a two bedroom property in Yogyakarta and reads: "Buy my house and you get to marry me" (of course terms and conditions apply).

According to global reports the million dollar idea was from the real estate agent as part of a marketing tactic. Reported on the TIME, Dian Purna Dirgantara, the real estate agent behind the ad said that the tactic has been successful as there have been continues calls about the house.

Meanwhile, according to an article on The International Business Times, even the local Indonesian police visited the owner  to verify the news as the ad was considered somewhat “improper”.

This probably gives online dating a whole new meaning.